We are building the future goods delivery infrastructure and making it available to carriers, businesses and individuals on a pay-per-parcel basis.

Open ecosystem of parcel lockers

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Enabling & democratising green delivery

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European parcel volumes

More than 2 billion people shopped online in 2020, generating well over 100 billion parcels globally. Fuelled by Covid-19 pandemic, the rate of growth for e-commerce and parcels has increased substantially and latest forecasts show that parcel volume could double by 2025.

To deal with growing volumes in a sustainable way, we are building a shared network of parcel lockers open to any carrier, business or individual. Parcel lockers have long ago proved their efficiency in decreasing last mile costs and more important - reducing the carbon footprint of up to 95% per single parcel. With the challenges our planet is being faced, we believe parcel lockers are an integral part of a greener tomorrow!

1st - Democratising the locker tech

PacoBox has invested 10 years in R&D or parcel lockers. Hard work has resulted in proprietary locker designs and cloud based solutions for locker networks that have been tested and still operate to this day in various markets. We have accumulated the know-how of business processes and technology required for C2C, B2C, C2B deliveries of our partners.

2nd - We are carrier-agnostic

We are a 100% neutral player. We are not and never will be a logistics company. Our main interest is to develop infrastructure that supports global logistics operations, maximise efficiency and make it sustainable for our planet. With ZERO investment from your side we provide access to an infrastructure of parcel lockers. We take care of everything related to locker technology and network development for you - maintenance, installations, roll-outs etc., everything is on us so you can focus on what you do best - on time & sustainable delivery!

3rd - Open API and self-service platform

Our API and self-service portal is available to anyone. We have opened the ecosystem to any business or individual that wants to use the delivery infrastructure of tomorrow to power their operations. The vast array of API services enable creation of new use cases of our parcel lockers. Paired with integrated delivery services of our partner carriers, you can easily build new services on top of our infrastructure.

4th - Host & Earn

PacoBox lockers can be your passive source of income! Our Host & Earn program allows you to buy a locker from us at the best price there is AND you can earn money from each serviced parcel. Furthermore, if you are a business, you can also benefit from the increased in-store visitors, who come to collect or send parcels. Our Host & Earn approach enables faster growth of our network leading to more locations and higher network density - a key criteria for any successful locker network.


We are 4 steps away!


The Benefits of PacoBox ecosystem

For carriers


23x more fuel savings

10x more delivered parcels

Virtually ZERO failed deliveries

4x higher network density

10x faster network growth

For retailers


More in-store visitors

Click&Collect service

Improved convenience

For consumers


No more waiting for courier

No more missed deliveries

Contactless delivery

More flexibility



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